First Century
Theme Park
120 Acres of World-Changing History!

Five Complete Cities

Experience first-century culture at Capernaum, then enter the bustling town of Nazareth to watch craftsmen as they toil at their ancient trades. Explore the incredible history of Jericho or walk the streets of the ornate city of Jerusalem. Interact with shepherds tending their livestock at the agricultural village of Bethlehem.

Immersive Rides and Adventures

Board a first-century fishing vessel and experience a heart-stopping storm on the Sea of Galilee. Watch a thrilling chariot race complete with 4-horse teams and stunt actors at the grand Stadium or take a chariot ride for a lap around the arena.

Theaters and Interactive Dramas

Feel the earth rumble as the massive walls of Jericho literally crumble and fall before Israel's army. Enjoy a full-length theatrical production in the ornate Temple Theater at Jerusalem or find yourself surrounded by an impromptu outdoor drama.

Water Features

Stand on the shore of the Sea of Galilee and watch fishermen as they pull in a catch from its waters. Watch in amazement as the Jordan River parts before your eyes or take a float trip down the river to the salty Dead Sea.

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Playground Area

From a petting zoo and Noah's Ark to Zacchaeus' treehouse, the playground area is an adventure in itself for children and adults alike! Play a round of bowling or push your way through the noodle forest of Lebanon to a castle. Ride a zip line through a city being conquered by a Roman army.

Unique Shopping

Walk the streets of the marketplace and peruse the intriguing wares and goods produced by craftsmen. Browse an array of shops and stands offering everything from fine jewelry and textiles to spices and fresh foods.

Restaurants and Dining

Enjoy a full-course Italian meal at the Centurion's Villa or watch the Christmas story play out on the streets below from the two-story restaurant inn at Bethlehem. Feast on fish and seafood at Peter's House or enjoy a fresh brew at Deborah's Mediterranean-style Tea Room.

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A 3-minute overview of the Holy Land Park and what it has to offer.