First Century
Theme Park
120 Acres of World-Changing History!

Currently Under Development

Watch a 3-minute overview of the Holy Land Park, what's there, and what it has to offer.

Experience 120 acres of first-century history! Travel back in time as you enter the bustling town of Nazareth and hear the sounds of carpenters and stone carvers as they toil at their primitive trades. Take a ride aboard a first-century fishing vessel on the Sea of Galilee and experience a thrilling, ultra-realistic storm on the lake. Check out pieces of Roman armor and interact with soldiers as they demonstrate the equipment and techniques of early warfare.

Watch in amazement as the Jordan River parts before your eyes. Approach the walled city of Jericho and feel the earth rumble as the massive walls literally crumble and fall before Israel's army. Enjoy a full-length theatrical production in the ornate Temple Theater. Take a chariot ride for a lap around the arena. Watch a thrilling chariot race complete with 4-horse teams and stunt actors at the grand Stadium.

Interact with shepherds in the fields tending their sheep near Bethlehem. Ride a camel across the desert sands to an oasis. Walk the barren trail up the towering 150-foot mountain and watch in amazement with Moses as the finger of God writes the Ten Commandments on tablets of stone.

All this and much more coming soon! Stay tuned!

For more detailed information, watch this 40-minute high-level presentation video.